Crafts, Books, and Other Hobbies

 So many of my readers these days are crafters and I think that I am going to begin a weekly series on these types of products. I will be sharing some links with you on these posts. I am looking to make a little money from here until I can get my own site set up and use it for my marketing. Camping is becoming a huge hobby as well and so I will be adding it to the list as well. Something for everyone is what I am hoping to do. I will remain dedicated to the farm as well. It is what first encouraged me to write this in the beginning. 

Many of you are Cricut users and I have friends and family that use this amazing machine as well and I hope to share many hints and tips for these crafters. I do not have one, but it is on my wish list. 

Yarn lovers are here as well. I know that I see many projects on here that my readers are working on. I learned to crochet very basic stitches and I rarely ever do these projects, but I would like to learn more so I am hoping to share some more information on these types of projects too. 

Here is one of my favorite hobbies: scrapbooking and journaling. It is the most creative process at times. How many of us still scrapbook or journal? I find journaling makes me a lot more at peace while I write how I feel and what I have done. 

This goes along with farming so I may include some beekeeping as well. I don't know much but I have a friend from here that knows quite a bit and I might be asking her to write a guest post. 

Books will always be a topic here as I enjoy reading and do it quite often. I am involved in an online book club and I am thinking about starting a local one just to reconnect with new friends. I hope that once I begin to add these weekly posts that you will enjoy reading the posts and we can connect with some new friends that are interested in the same things that we are. 


  1. I am looking forward to this weekly series! My hobbies are photography, and blogging.

  2. Yes, I think it will be a new adventure, but I am looking forward to something new.


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