New Life on The Farm

Look at what is new on the farm! We are proud "parents" of 6 new chicks. They are blue and lavender Orpington's. I love them!! My grand doll loves them! They are being kept in my office as they are too little to go outside at the moment. I have them in a large tote with a heat lamp on them and plenty of fresh food and water and clean tote. 

Orpington chicks are supposed to be gentle, docile animals that do not mind being held and will follow you around. I hope that they are like that as they get older so that my grand doll can hold them for a long time. She loves to now!
Every morning, she checks on them as soon as she walks in the house. She likes to help feed them and change the water. She is such a good girl most of the time. 
My oldest daughter enjoys holding them as well. She is the one that brought them to me because she knew I would love them as much as she did. She is making some big changes in her life at the moment and I pray that she finds herself in the changes and does what makes her happy. 
This is one of our older roosters and he likes to sit on the porch rail.  He will sit there and crow to wake us up usually hours after I wake up. LOL!! 
I placed bird seed on my patio table to attract more birds to the porch. I was hoping to see plenty of woodpeckers and I did attract a few. This little guy knew I was attempting to take his photo as he would not face the window and he would not sit still. This one photo was one of about 50 that were blurry or he was not there when I snapped the photo. 

Until we meet again, may your trail be blessed and your ride be smooth!


  1. I have never heard of these chicks. They are so sweet and I love their color. We always raised chicks on the farm every year-some for layers and some for dinner. lol I liked the chickens and the noises they made as they settled into their nests at night in the chicken house.

    I am glad your daughter is making some good changes in her life. It takes longer for some kids than others. It is so hard because WE want to HELP them and sometimes can't do anything but stand back and watch and wait.

    Blessings to you- have a great night- xo Diana

    1. There are several colors of these chicks available. They are sweet.

      I pray that my daughter finds the happiness she deserves.

  2. I love seeing your farm critters! I am missing mine but hope to get to see them about the middle of March! Prayers for your changes are hard....

    1. Yes, Linda life changes are hard. I hope you see your farm critters in March. I know how you love being at the ranch.

  3. CUTE little chick:) I know that you will enjoy watching them grow! My Nephew has chickens and roosters at his house in Kentucky. We were just talking on the phone about hearing the rooster crow. Those crowing roosters stir up memories from my childhood. Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

    1. Thanks, I am listening to the roosters crow outside right now.

  4. We have some woodpeckers who drink from the hummingbird feeders. They can only reach it if it is turned so they can stand on the rail while drinking. Mine don't cooperate either when I want to take their picture.



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