Many of you know that I have been caring for two bucket feeder calves now for a few weeks that my husband decided that we needed. Well, I must tell you that they are growing fast and becoming quite the little ( or not so little) stinkers.

Each morning as I am headed to the barn, I hear them mooing to let me know that they are fully aware that it is feeding time. Yesterday morning when I walked into the barn, Miss B ( as I call her) had her head stuck through the stall gate and was eating the hay that we have stacked in there for the pony. As I asked what she thought she was doing, she just looked up and mooed as if to say that I simply had not gotten her feed early enough. Miss D ( the other baby) was standing closer to the back of the stall as if she had done nothing wrong. Now, I am not sure if she had eaten any hay or not, but just the way she looked was funny to me.

They surely do have their own personalities. Miss B is very determined to not miss a meal and will attempt to knock the bucket out of your hand to get to her milk. Miss D is a little more laid back and seems to wait till you begin to pour into her bucket before she makes a dive for the milk. Miss B will drink hers and part of Miss D's if you don't watch her. She is the eater of the two! She is also the one with the worst manners. She does not understand personal space at all. She doesn't like to be petted though and I make them before they get feed in their bucket. It keeps them to where they can be handled much easier than if not.

As you can see, Miss H sure does love the cows! She climbed right in the trailer to pet them. 

Miss D, a little shyer and quieter than the other one

Miss B, she will rule the pasture I am sure. 

Both of them the day they were brought home

As you can see, they are adorable but never forget ANIMALS ARE HARD WORK!


  1. Greetings Carol, I am enjoying your witty commentary about the cows personality. Love all the adorable pictures.

    Hugs Diane

  2. Ah, I love these posts about your farm! Makes me miss the ranch! Your little granddaughter is adorable!

  3. They are hard work but so darn cute:) AND your little helper steals the show. My Nephew gave up the "life on the lake" for "life on the farm"! They have lots of cows and chickens. Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  4. Thanks everyone! We do enjoy life on the farm although it is work.

  5. Isn't it amazing how each one has a different personality and how we see expressions in their faces? Animals are so wonderful...except for all of the hard work.


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