Friday, May 5, 2017

Visiting Nashville, TN

I am heading out today, even in the rain, for a short weekend trip to Nashville, TN. I am super excited to be going with my friends. We are celebrating some of us turning 50. I don't see how that can be but they are.

Nashville, TN is known for country music and we will be seeing some of that as we tour the Country Music Hall of Fame at some point during the weekend. We also plan to tour a plantation and some vineyards. It should be a fun filled weekend. You will be filled in on how it goes as I will be posting photos and details when I return home.

There is lots of standing water around the farm here so I hope that the roads are fairly safe. I pray that the rain stops before we make it to our destination. I really don't want the entire weekend to be nasty. My husband will be home working so he will keep an eye on our property as I am gone. He will be watching the animals as well.

I hate leaving the grandbaby even though they are no longer at home. It is nice to walk across the yard and see her at any time though. I will miss her but I will be home shortly. It is time for me to leave so have a great weekend and I will be back early in the week.

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