Sunday, May 14, 2017

Perfect Gift

Happy Mothers' Day to all of the women in the world that enjoy this day. I realize that for some women this is not a happy day at all. Many have dealt with infertility, loss of a child, and have dealt with not being raised by a good mother. For the women that do not see this as a day of happiness, let me say I am sorry. Sorry for the loss or infertility, sorry for being raised with a mother that did not appreciate you for all that you are, and sorry that you can't enjoy such a special day of the year, as the rest of us see it.

My mom lives with us and at 81 years old is still driving, taking care of herself, and very independent. She is a sweet lady, but she also can drive me to my breaking point at times. I know she has lived a very interesting life as she seems to have had a great childhood. ( Which is due to her parents being extraordinary people as I remember them) Her adult life has not been without problems but she has persevered and is enjoying life as a senior citizen.

She was in a very abusive marriage and from what I remember, I don't believe many good times during those 18 years. She remained until I was 13 and I politely told her after she was beaten, kicked out in the rain with me, and we spent many hours trying to find a place to stay( all while walking in the pouring rain) that if she returned to him, I was living with my grandparents. She finally filed for divorce and stuck with it! I am sure she still loved me dad as she never remarried or dated after that and she would visit with him and his new girlfriend for several years. I am just not sure that I believe in a love that is that true. I truly love my husband but I can't imagine loving a man that beat me and threatened my life and that of my children.

For those reasons, I was thinking this week as to what the perfect gift would be for her. She truly needs nothing and she spends time with me so just what should I get for her? I truly have no ideas. I thought of a nice lunch or breakfast out, but she really is not into that kind of thing and we see each other often, so that is not a special treat. She is not into manicures, new clothes, etc. so once again, I am still attempting to find that perfect gift.

This is my mother taken a year ago. I look a lot like her but we don't act alike at all. Totally different hobbies, life, etc. I am proud to call her mom!

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