Planning A Birthday Party

Hard to believe that the precious little body that I held and was totally amazed by that we had learned of only 19 hours earlier is now turning two! Yes, the child that was such a surprise still amazes me as to what she knows and can do. Now we are planning another birthday party.

My princess will be the honorary guest today at her party. She loves Minnie Mouse and so that is the theme my daughter chose. After making some frantic phone calls yesterday, I was able to have a cake made by Kroger with Minnie on it. I thought the cake was ordered and found at it was not and most places wanted 48 hours to get it ready. UGH!! I did not have 48 hours. My daughter just thought that she could wait to get it until she got ice cream today.

Decorations are a must at a party and so I was able to pitch in on them and found some nice centerpieces and other items that we can use for tables and for the room. I love the swirls that hang down and although I did not get Minnie Mouse, I was able to get some that said Birthday Girl. I believe we have some pink streamers and I am sure that it will be beautiful!  I will post photos later.

We have themed napkins, plates, cups, party bags for the kids, and decorations. We also have plain white plates and cups for the adults as well as plastic ware. We have cake, chips, hot dogs, condiments, and ice cream. Drinks and ice are a plus at any party. I believe that we have all the supplies that we need.

Camera is ready and gifts are packaged and ready to be delivered. Guests are excited and the weather seems to be going to cooperate even though it is cloudy and was raining earlier. I have an hour to work this morning and then I plan to help get loose ends tied up and then visit with my friends when they arrive at the party.

Hope you all have a great weekend! We will be partying today and playing with new toys and gifts tomorrow!!!

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