Thursday, May 25, 2017

Rain Rain Go Away

I remember a little poem that my mom used to read to me that said:
"Rain Rain Go Away, Come again another day, Jimmy and Joe want to play". I am sure she inserted the names but this is the perfect saying for today. Yet again, we are having rain that began yesterday morning and is continuing still. These are not just spring showers, but for periods of time, simply downpours.

I don't mind spring rain and I know that the farmers need it. I am glad that we are not suffering through a drought, but it's becoming a nuisance because it is daily that we are having heavy rains. There are multiple areas of flooding regularly now and many activities are being put on hold. I know some farmers have had to replant many fields due to the heavy rains that have completely destroyed farm fields that were planted early. Those actions are only leading to less money being made and that means the difference between profit being made or just breaking even for many farmers these days. I have friends that are strictly farm families and that is their livelihood.

My reason for wanting the rain to stop is that is Memorial Day weekend. We leave for camp today and I do not like to be in the rain and I hate trying to keep my feet dry as I walk. I have misplaced my rain boots and I really don't want to purchase a new pair. I have my cowboy boots but they don't always do the trick in keeping my feet dry. Besides raining on my parade, I hate to see the local activities rained out for the weekend.

On Saturday, there will be thousands that line the streets of Indianapolis, Indiana for the Indy 500 parade. Sitting on those bleachers to watch a parade in the rain to see rain soaked floats and bands would not be enjoyable. Plus on Sunday, it is the 101st running of the Indy 500 and that race is the "largest spectacle in racing" and brings thousands of people to the Indianapolis area. Race fans are dedicated and many will be there no matter what the weather. Do drivers truly want to prepare to run speeds of over 115 miles per hour on a track that has been rained on for days? I believe the answer will be " NO".  I know that the Speedway has dryers for the track and all that equipment to make it possible to race in many conditions, but crowds will be lower if it is pouring rain.

Many local people will be looking to go to the cemetery to visit family that has left this earthly home and no one wants to do that in the rain. Many of my craft friends are setting up at  local outdoor events for the weekend to earn sales that you can only earn on holiday weekends. That income, again like the farm families, is their livelihood.

Many people are just celebrating the long weekend and would enjoy some nice time outside. I believe it is possible to feel that asking for three or four rain free days is a simple request, but one that we have been finding escapes us weekly.

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