Service Personnel

Those that choose careers that serve others can be called heroes even if they never do anything extraordinary in their careers. These days our police officers, fire fighters and military are in harms' way at each turn and we take those people for granted. They have a job and they do it.

When I think  of Sept. 11, 2001 and the tragic events of that day, I think of how many fire fighters chose to rush into those buildings to save lives of people that they did not know. Yet, they went! Their duty and honor to serve and protect came into use immediately!

The Dallas Police officers that were policing a peaceful protest that turned deadly for some of them never once thought that they did not want to do their job. Their duty and honor to serve and protect meant that they put themselves in harms' way when the shooting began. They chose to defend themselves the best that they could under a planned attack on them. The only reason those men died was because they were police officers.

This week, a dear friend of mine lost her brother in a suicide. He had served three tours in Afghanistan and suffered with PTSD. The disorder won. He chose to rid himself of the pain that most of us never will understand. His duty and honor was to protect his country and he done his job well. Did his country do him the same duty and honor? No, soldier related suicides are becoming a huge problem and we all need to be aware. Do you know that there are 20 suicides a day of veterans? How scary is that number? We all need to be aware.

Today, say a prayer for those service individuals that do their duty to serve and protect us. Say Thank You to a policeman, fire fighter, or service personel.
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