A Rampage in Germany

My post that I began writing was about our county fair, but it is with great sadness that I feel I must write about the horror I am seeing on the television right now. It is of a gunman shooting innocent people at a McDonald's in Munich, Germany. Reports are that six are dead and there are possibly 3 gunmen on the loose in that city.

Witness reports are that the gunman entered a bathroom at the McDonald's and came out opening fire and targeting children. The reports are coming across that it is potentially another terrorist attack. There is no credible confirmation that it was ordered by any particular group, but there have been reports of ISIS activity in Germany for several months.

It seems that we are still shocked by these types of attacks and yet, it seems that they are becoming almost a daily occurrence. Munich is warning residents to stay in and away from all public places and mass transportation has came to a halt due to this attack. It seems that terrorist attacks are becoming more common and that it might lead to an end to many of the public events that take place.

My heart goes out to the families that have been affected by this tragedy. My prayers go up to God to protect anyone that is in the area. I have cried as I can't imagine how a day at McDonald's could possibly end in such a horrible way. These families were simply enjoying a lunch and time together. How terrible that innocent children were targeted! How terrible that children are threatened by an adult that has no ties with the children. How horrifying that children need to fear going into a public place like McDonald's!

As a nation, we must stand for our rights and we must stand ready to fight this type of terror. I do not believe in vigilante justice, but something needs to be done to stop these types of killings. Whether a person is Christian, Muslim, Jew, or even an Atheist, should not be a reason for them to be killed by anyone! We are all humans and we all need to show love and compassion to those that are less fortunate than us.

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