Monday, July 18, 2016

Deam Lake

After we returned from our vacation, I promised that I would share some of the photos that I took of the area we were in and just realized that I never done that so I will on today's post. With all of the trouble going on around us, it is nice to wake up in my small corner of the world with the ones I love and a beautiful view of my garden, my horses, and a wooded area that seems to cut us off from the rest of the world at times.

Spending nine days camping this year for vacation was a true delight. Nine days of no news, no shootings, and a fairly calm and nice trip. There were a few glitches and a rather large snake involved in that trip, but overall, it was a nice break from reality. A nice time with family and friends since both of my girls were able to go as well as my grand doll, a term I have borrowed from other bloggers.

I would wake before others most of the time and so I would walk around camp just to enjoy the quiet that comes from being camping. Here was the view that I seen while walking near our campsite. This was from a site just a couple down from us. The cabins that you can see our located in the family camp, which is really not that close to the horse camp but looks like it when you look from this viewpoint.
The following photo is one of the lake basically right behind where we were camping. It is so nice to be near the water in order to fish or go out on the boat. Normally, we take a paddle boat, but we decided against it this time.

Here is a photo of our campsites during the week. Our neighbors that we can with have the same trailer that we do and we both have white trucks. It's interesting how similar we are in about all that we do. You notice that the campsites are shaded and nice. The grass was a little taller than I would prefer, but not bad.
This is taken from the back of our campsite. As you can see, we are right by the water. This is nice because even the younger ones camping with us can fish while we are still able to see what is going on. Nice for the boats as well.

This is a photo of the hubs and I after we enjoyed a nice meal at Huber's Family Restaurant. If you are in the area, you must visit this restaurant. Great food at good prices and there are two farm markets, a winery, and a couple of play areas for the kiddies. Great times for all!

Enjoyable vacation and we always look forward to this week. This year was nice as both of our girls went and some other friends went as well. The trails are good for horseback riding and it's the perfect place to relax. I did not get a photo of the beach, but it is very nice and the water is refreshing during the summer.

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