Friday, July 8, 2016

Dallas Officers Ambushed

My heart breaks as I hear of the ambush on police officers at a protest in Dallas, Texas yesterday. Suspects in custody doesn't ease my mind as I think of the families that are dealing with the sudden loss of a loved one that was only doing his/her job. I realize that police officers are always putting their lives on the line, but this was totally an attack on them.

5 lives lost due to someone else deciding they should die. This attack involved multiple shooters and was a precise attack on the officers that were aiding with the protest and were not wearing assault gear. Dallas officers, Dallas Transit officers and civilians were all under attack but the attack was set to kill officers. I believe that there are 12 others injured and some of those are civilians.

Police are saying that the attack was a planned attack with 2 shooters that were set up in high areas to viciously attack these officers. A sad day in America when police officers can't go to work without fearing that someone will purposely take their life from them. I realize that officers are being given a bad name when it comes to so many shootings that seem to be black men shot down by a white officer. I understand the Black Lives Matter protests, but let's remember that "All Lives Matter".

I don't care if a person is black or white. I don't care if an officer is black or white. During any kind of confrontation with an officer, people need to be respectful and do as they are told. If an officer is rough with someone, then it should be reported to their authority and it should be dealt with the correct way. Police officers have a hard job to do and many times are sent into a situation that is very volatile and are unaware of the danger that may be there. Drugs have a lot to do with the way that others approach officers, but that is why we need to handle some of the issues that we have.

Officers that shoot anyone for no reason should NEVER be allowed on the force again. An officer that handles a suspect roughly that is not resisting arrest should NEVER  be allowed on a force again. Let's remember that they are the enforcers of the law but they are not there to take law into their own hands.

As a nation, we need to be aware of what is going on around us and we need to demand changes to the justice system in our nation. We need to demand that criminals stay in jail where they belong and not be allowed to murder and be out in 2-5 years. Murder should be a just cause for the use of the death penalty. Let's quit feeling sorry for the criminals and stop worrying about their civil rights as they do not consider the civil rights of those that they are killing. Anyone that shoots an officer should receive the same. Criminals need basic civil rights, but sentences need to be harsher and longer.

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