Saturday, February 6, 2016

Tired Grandma

This morning as I sit here looking out the window, I see gray skies that match the mood I am in. It seems as clouds of doubt, frustration, and heartache have billowed in today. As many of you are aware, I now care for my 8 month old granddaughter and sell Pink Zebra. However, many of you may not be aware that my daughter and granddaughter still live at home.

Before anyone gets the wrong idea, I love my family! I would do anything it took to protect them and I would not trade them for anything in the world as I can't imagine life without them. Here's come the big word - BUT!!! There are 4 generations living in a home with three bedrooms, one bathroom, and only about 975 sq. feet. We are busting at the seams! Last night my daughter was invited to an overnight event with some friends, so my husband thought it was a good idea for us to keep the grandbaby home with us. Now, my daughter does good with the baby and has taken her to this home before, but he wanted to keep her. I agreed under the condition that he would be home to help with her as I was already very tired from not sleeping but a few hours the night before, grocery shopping yesterday, stacking some firewood, and the multitude of other chores that I do in day.

He is always busy with something outside and does some many jobs for others. He is always late getting in and so I made sure he knew I needed the help last night. My daughter left about 4:30 and of course, he was still outside. He came in to tell me he needed to tow a car but that he would be home shortly. He finally arrived back home around 6 and then had someone here that needed some help. Well, the baby was fussy and so the entire time I was here and he wasn't, she was a handful. When he walked in around 7:15, he asked if dinner was ready. I politely said, "No, I have been busy". He stated that he had not eaten any lunch to which I informed him that I had not either. He asked me if I had anything fast to fix and he agreed to smoked sausage, which he eats in sandwich form so easy enough. The baby was asleep in the high chair by the time he came in so he began doing something for himself, while I cooked and done dishes. Once she woke up, he attempted to play with her but she did not want to play. I believe that she had a stomach ache or her teeth were bothering her, but whatever the problem was, she was not happy.

Once dinner dishes were done, I began getting her ready for bed and she quickly went to sleep. I was genuinely too tired to do anything else, so I read a few chapters of my book while he was mounting a scope on his gun. By the time we went to bed, it was after 10. I was done for and knew I needed a good nights' sleep. WRONG!!!

By midnight, the baby was awake and remained awake except for a few short minutes of sleep at a time until around 5 a.m. I get up between 6 and 7 on Saturday mornings especially if it is a day my daughter works, which it is. Needless to say, these grandparents are extremely tired and I am emotionally and physically drained. Just a few minutes ago, I came around the corner of the laundry area and did not see the baby on the floor and almost stepped on her. When I realized where she was, I tried to stop myself from stepping on her, but immediately tripped over the chair she was sitting by and fell almost on top of her. She screamed and I cried! My emotions are getting the best of me. I can't nap as I have many things that must be done today and I have a funeral to go to later. The day is really going to be rough and this is one tired grandma!

Thanks for listening! I hope you all have a better day than I will!

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