Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Sunshine is such a blessing today for me! I hate winter due to the long grey days that we have, but due to the weather being rather pleasant for the most part this year, it has not been such a struggle to stay positive. It is a little cooler today, but I am happy to say that the sun is shining nicely and for that I am blessed.

My morning has been spent attempting to follow up on some of the blogs that I follow and commenting to let the owners know that their work is being read. I am also very aware that I need to write a couple of posts and I need to work on my Pink Zebra business. I also have swept and mopped my floors, dusted my living room, and cleaned glass in there as well. I would like to pack up the remaining snowmen that I have out today and put some other items in my curio cabinet now that I have had to move some items to keep them out of reach of my grandchild.

The afternoon will consist of cooking lunch for my husband, running the vacuum, and hopefully listing a few items for sale on Ebay. I need to get those things accomplished before I fry chicken for dinner. I will get those things done whatever it takes. I hope to have time to read for a bit as well. I would like to finish the book I have started and I would like to start reading a new one soon.

I hope each of you have a productive day. Here is a photo from the farm that I have taken at some time.

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