Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Snow Storm

 Well, I realize that the weather is crazy all over the country right now,  but I will tell you that Indiana is getting heavy snow at the moment. I am more northern Indiana at the moment. At home, they are getting rain currently, but they are predicted to get snow in the wee hours of tomorrow morning. We got some rain, freezing rain, and snow.

I will be praying for each of you to stay safe wherever you are in the universe. As a side note, I was able to pick up a few of the free N 95 masks that the government is giving away free yesterday at Meijer when we picked up by prescriptions. I was supposed to go to the podiatrist tomorrow, but they called today and said they would be closed. They made a temporary appointment for Friday, but not sure that will happen either. 

I am thinking I will go home mid week next week as my daughter has plans next weekend and she has a trip planned for the following week. I don't really want to stay by myself, if I can get home. I have a knee scooter now and I will begin using it for short amounts of time. I am still fairly weak and tire out easily.

How is the weather where you are? I know Topeka, Kansas got hit really hard. I have not seen reports on anyplace else at the moment. I do know that Florida is struggling with low temperatures in the 30's. Do you have rain, snow, a mixed bag or sunshine?

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Whomever is in the path of this winter storm, I will be praying for each of you. Power
 outages are expected and dangerous travel. 


  1. The weather is getting more and more warm. You are the first person I know who actually got a free mask. Stay safe!

  2. I live on the Gulf side and weather fantastic…my daughter was to fly home to Indy Thursday…flight cancelled…prayers for all…

  3. I moved here from indyGreenwood area where I lived three years near daughter family…son wanted me here lol and weather better…love your blog

  4. It seems so many in the country are experiencing real winter weather this year. We are getting snow tonight, not much. Maybe 1-3 inches tomorrow night. We are happy to get snow, as we are so blessed here to not have the wind accompanying the snow. My prayers are with all those in the south who are not prepared for this kind of weather. Makes it very hard on everyone traveling! I hope that you are healing up from your surgery, and able to be home soon, what a blessing that you've been able to stay with your daughter! Many blessings to you Carol!

  5. Praying you will continue to heal and regain your strength. Be safe and cozy n the storms you are having.
    We here in the central Sacramento, CA area need rain so badly..crisp sunny and 40F. No sign of percipitation in sight.

  6. Hoping and praying that you get all your strength back and can get through this winter that has hit many of us hard.
    God bless you, my friend. xo Diana


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