Friday, July 20, 2018

Tragedy In Branson - Duck Boat Tour Boat Sinks

  The weather in Branson Missouri was beautiful on Thursday morning, but the day suddenly turned tragic when a storm rolled in quickly and caused a Duck Boat tour boat to sink on Table Rock lake. Seventeen people, including a family of 9, were killed when the boat sank. Officials have not identified those killed yet, except for the driver of the boat, Robert Williams. Authorities are saying the deceased ranged in age from 1 to 70.

  Duck boats are amphibious vehicles that can travel both land and sea. The tours are very common in Branson and Wisconsin Dells as well as other tourists towns that are located near water sources large enough for them to promote tours on.  Tourists are taken on a Duck Boat that travels along the road in Branson and then taken by ramp into the water. While we were vacationing there in April, we were thinking that the next time we traveled to Branson we would take a tour, but I am still somewhat scared of water so I was not sure if I truly wanted to do it. The idea of driving into water did not seem to be an idea that I was thrilled with.

   It seems that the boat was in the water along with another Duck Boat tour boat making its' way back to the ramp when suddenly the winds picked up and suddenly began thrashing the boat around making it suddenly take on water and sink in 40 foot of water. Before landing upright the boat was in water 80 foot deep. Reports are that people were stuck under the canopy of the boat until a crew member got it raised. My heart breaks as I can't imagine the fears that the parents and grandparents of children on the boat must have felt. The boats had life jackets on them, but it is not law that they are worn during the tours. That is certainly a change that needs to be made following this tragic accident.

  Table Rock Lake is absolutely breathtaking with it's views and we have stayed at a hotel on the lake. I can't imagine that such a tragedy could take place there. My heart simply breaks for the families involved. I am sure that many were on vacation and simply out for a day of fun that suddenly turned to tragedy and heartbreak. If you pray, please remember them in your prayers today!!!

This particular duck boat tour is in Washington state.

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