Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Kelly Miller Circus

Last Friday night, I took my daughter and granddaughter to the circus. We met up with my oldest daughter, her boyfriend, and his nephew. We went to the fairgrounds to see the Kelly Miller Circus. We had gone to see the same circus year and had a really enjoyable time, so thought that we would go again. What an amazing time a circus can be!

When we arrived, the previous show audience was leaving and there really were not many people walking around to join us for the later show, but I knew it would quickly fill up and I was right. We decided to get in line and two of us went to the box office to ask if we could upgrade our tickets to ringside and we were able too. If you sit ringside, you have chairs to sit in instead of the bleachers. Much better sitting, especially with little ones.

We anxiously awaited the start of the show as we sit in the front row. We were well aware though that the big cats were not in the show as last year, this ringside would be a cage in front of us. I was immediately disappointed as I was anxious to see how grandbaby would handle the roar of the tigers. After a half hour, the show finally began.
                                                  This was the ringmaster for the evening and very knowledgeable .
No circus would be complete without clowns and this one was certainly a good one.
The acts on the trapeze and in the air were some of my favorites. I am amazed at the aerial feats that these performers do.

The dancing elephant was my granddaughters favorite. The elephant captivated her attention. She was surprised each time it passed her as if it was the first time she had ever seen it.
This old timer was sharing advice on how to train a mule. It was a funny aspect to the show.
I felt this photo captured the standing ovation that this circus deserved. This lady had this miniature horse, some dogs, and a goat that she worked with and trained to do multiple stunts. It was a fun part of the show and provided lots of cheers and laughs.
This gentleman was another amazing display of what stunts the human body is capable of with a little training. Multitalented and a wonderful addition to the show.
This was the final performance of the evening. I wish I had some better photos of this because it was one of my favorite parts of the entire evening. He was known as the human volcano and he done multiple amazing stunts with fire. A truly magnificent ending to the show.
I believe that it was a good night for all especially the little one. I believe that she truly enjoyed the circus!

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