Monday, May 9, 2016

Held Ransom

Internet thieves can be so disgusting! Internet thieves will sneak in and take things that are not theirs and they steal money from innocent people. They use their thievery to earn a living off of unsuspecting and naïve individuals. Last week, they attacked here. I was looking for some information on our YMCA and after attempting to download an application, I opened a file that I believed might be the form and suddenly I had a strange message that I was not sure what it was.

I actually did not really pay any attention as I thought I must have done something wrong, so I decided to look at some of pictures I had of ideas for birthday cakes for my grandbaby. Suddenly the same message was on my screen and NO pictures. This message said something about paying for my files to be retrieved or pray for a miracle. I suddenly realized that I had become a victim of ransomware!! Thieves had stolen all my files- pictures, documents, and music! Now my documents and my music was truly no big deal, but my pictures are a whole different story! I was mad!

I began to research this scam and found that it is one of the most dangerous virus' that is out right now. There is really not much of a way to recover your items and it is best to wipe things clean and start over. My only saving grace is that many of my pictures are still on my camera and not one single photo of my grandchild was lost! It did not help because I was still mad!

I decided that I would call our computer guy and he will clean it up, but he even said he did not think that he could get my files. I decided that this had to be a crime and that I was not sitting doing nothing. I contacted the FBI and I plan to contact the attorney general internet crimes division. I won't be held at ransom and do nothing. They messed with the wrong grandmother!

A dear friend of ours heard of our situation and since I sell for him online, he decided that I needed a new computer so I now have a really nice new system with Windows 10 and I am learning a whole new system. I am learning so it was take awhile, but I will be busy here now.

I hope all of you had a Happy Mothers Day! My husband done dishes for me after I cooked dinner yesterday. My daughters both bought me a nice gift and I got to spend my first Mothers Day with my adorable and beautiful grandchild! Smiles all around!

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