Sunday, May 29, 2016

Indy 500 Race Celebrates 100 Years

Indianapolis, Indiana is the place to be today! The lines are already forming all around town to get into the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. News crews are showing traffic jams everywhere around town and they have been telling locals that the lines will be long for this special race - 100 years!

Drivers and fans are all excited to be a part of such a wonderful event! The race always brings a lot of excitement and energy, but this 100th running is just a bigger and more exciting time. Many former winners have taken part in the festivities leading up to the race today. Johnny Rutherford, a three time winner, is driving the pace car today.  AJ Foyt, a four time winner and the man known as "King of the Indy 500" will have three drivers in the race today and will certainly be a huge part of the race today as well.

The race is a tradition for many people and recently, a man was found that has been to over 90 of the 100 races. Many fans are life long fans of the race. I have never been to the race, but I have been to the track for a Nascar race. It is a beautiful track and the fans are true fans. I have many memories of listening to the race on the radio as a kid and how things actually seemed to revolve around the race even if you were not there.

Normally, the race is not televised at the time of the running but this year the Speedway has actually lifted the ban and will allow it to be televised today. For many people this will be the first time that they have actually seen the race. It is usually televised in a delayed fashion late evening. I personally, am hoping to catch some of the actual live broadcast today.

Decorate in black and white today and celebrate 100 years of the Indianapolis 500!

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