Snowy Morning Praise

Good Morning and it is a snowy morning here on the farm. No, we do not have a huge amount of snow, but the howling winds and the snow flurries make for a wintry morning. The temps are not forecast to be out of the teens today with wind chills being in the single digits. BRR!!

During my Bible study today, I was thinking of all the times in the Bible that God is with those who think that they are so alone. Prime example when David defeats Goliath. David feels that he is facing an obstacle that could destroy him and yet with God on his side, David can defeat the giant in front of him. Also, there are so many verses that speak of God being with us and it is comforting to know that He is.

Many of us face obstacles in our lives and without the power of prayer and the confidence that someone is with you, it may seem overwhelming, but fear not for He is with you. Whether you are a Christian believer or not, God is aware of your battles and He is waiting for you to believe and ask for His help. He wants us to need Him as much or more then we might truly need Him. Whether the battle is depression, alcohol, or a looming illness or even a simple decision as to a career change or life change, He knows our needs and He knows what to do.

As you begin your path today, remember that someone loves you and appreciates you! Also, remember you are not alone!
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