Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Brighter Days

With the month of February being known for love and romance, I have decided to start a new challenge to all my online friends and my family entitled #BrightenTheDay. I am going to post about it on Twitter and many other sites as well as here.

The goal of this is to do just what it says Brighten the day for someone. We all have bad days and we all have times that we really just wish we were doing something else, but I guarantee whatever you are feeling or going through, someone else is having it worse. The idea is to think of three ways that you could brighten someone's day and do it! Then share your success on social media. It will encourage others to do the same and it will add some kindness to the world.

I am hoping that as we read the way others' have done something for someone it will give us more ideas on ways that we can help. I have something in mind for today and I will be sharing it later. Remember that kindness goes a long way! My grandpa always said that you catch more flies with honey and he was certainly right.

Go brighten the day for someone! I am on my way out the door right now. I will be back to write later tonight and I may just blog again tonight sharing my ideas. Tweet it, write it, share it just #BrightenTheDay.

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