Cold Weather Prep

Well, here at the funny farm we are beginning to get some cooler weather and so cold weather prep has begun. We actually had our first fire in the wood stove this week and it felt good! With that comes the work of  cutting, splitting, and stacking fire wood, so that job has started. I really don't mind stacking it but I know that my husband does a lot of hard work to get it cut and split. However, the work pays off in the long run because we don' t have a large bill for heat in the winter time. I am so thankful for that because before the stove came in to the house we had to pay electric bills of over $900 a month because the house was electric heat and the furnace was constantly on because it is not large enough for the home. We could not afford to replace the furnace, so our second option was the wood stove and I am so thankful for that. I was not thrilled with the idea at first, but I know that it was one of the best decisions I think that we ever made.
 Also, cooler weather means getting more supplies in for the home because cooler weather means snow is not long away. We know that if winter brings much snow there will be times that we won't go out or that we won't be able to get out to go to the store, so being prepared is very important. I have begun getting extra sugar, flour, dry milk and stuff stocked up. I also am looking to fill the freezer and the cabinets so that we can be ready for whatever the weather brings.
 Well, now to change the subject a little bit. Many of you know that my daughter started drivers ed a few weeks ago and I am happy to say that she done well in class and begins her drive time tonight. She has been driving some so I am not really worried about it. I must say that thunderstorms and heavy rain is not my choice for her first driving day weather, but that seems to be exactly what she is getting.

 I would also like to share a site with each of you that if you don't know about you might take a look at. It is a site called Listia and it is a site where you can list items for sale for credits, not cash and then use those credits to buy other items. Here is a link to a widget that will link you to the sign up for it. It is :
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I hope that each of you will take a look at it.


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