Sunday, April 2, 2017

Rays of Color

As I woke around sunrise today and have enjoyed my quiet time before the world and this household begins the hustle and bustle of another day, I have been reminded of just how precious life is and what miracles we see around us.
 My computer desk sits near a window that looks to the East and so I can see the beautiful sun rises as they occur if I am busy here. This morning I have been blessed with an array of colors. As I first looked to see what the day might hold, the sky was a magnificent color of pink with almost a purple hue to the bottom of it. For some reason, it made me think of how precious newborn babies are, Little girls with pretty pink ribbons and bows are just a small part of their lives. As a grown up, I am rediscovering a certain love for pink.
 Now as I look out, the sky is an amazing mix of orange and yellow and almost have a peach color to it. The upper part is more the yellow but with the deeper orange color to the bottom, it is simply a soothing color that I am certain would be a wonderful color for my kitchen if I could just find it in a can of paint. As I looked out, I had just been reading a post from Diana, a fellow blogger, about prayer for a young woman that is facing some uncertainties with a pregnancy and the yellow reminded me of a nursery that I had seen many years ago. The woman did not want to know the sex of the child and so she had used more gender neutral colors of yellow and green. It was a beautiful room and showcased her planning and anticipation for the child. How awful, it must be for this woman that is fighting for her life and well of that for her child and how scared her family must be. My prayers go up to the one that we know can handle this request. You can read more about it on Diana's blog.
 I am not sure what the weather is to be here today although I know we are in for a warm up. I pray that the afternoon is nice enough to be outside some and I pray that we see some sunshine. I know we are to have multiple days of rain this week and that upsets me. I have things that I would like to accomplish this week both inside and out so I need to stay busy and I need to be able to be outside some. Spring is not feeling much like spring here, but January and February certainly gave us some warm spring type days.
 As you go about your day, remember that we can bring color into someone's life. Either a warm inviting color or that of sorrow and despair. I pray that I bring the warm and inviting color in.

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