Monday, April 17, 2017

Girls Room Decor

Hello! Many of you may be aware that I have recently turned my daughters' bedroom into my office/craft room and a bedroom for my grand doll. With them living next door, some wonder why I feel the need to have a bedroom for her, but I do. I adore her and I enjoy letting her spend the night when we are not busy and I am not too tired.

For years, I have enjoyed crafts and DIY projects but ....... the truth is that I am not great at them. I want to be, but I feel so insecure at times. However, I am so impressed with the projects that I have taken on that I am going to share them with you.

 This was my first idea and I must say that I am thrilled with the plaque. I love the castle and I am sure that it is the perfect place to start with a princess theme. I honestly did not set out to do that theme in the room, but it seems to be what I am doing. I loved the color scheme on the castle so well that I decided that the colors on the plaque must go with it.
The crown is simply gold ( after all, what other color would it be?) but I used the same color scheme to do the letters of her name as I did the castle plaque. The letters are in alternate pink and purple. My favorite color is purple and my business is Pink Zebra so I believe that the colors work perfect together.  The gold simply sets the crown apart and makes it stand out a little more.

I decided that I will list these two items in my Etsy shop. I will make new ones if these sell. I will be listing other crafts that I complete there as well. I intend to do more painting as it seems to be what I enjoy the most. Time brings more patience and better items. I will be adding to my Pink Zebra business there as well. I have lots of ideas on what I hope to accomplish this year personally and professionally.

I pray that you had a blessed Easter and I look forward to talking with many of you soon.

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