Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year! My wish for each of you this year is for plenty of good health and happiness. May God Bless Each of you in the New Year!

2016 took many celebrities and family and friends and I am ready for a new year to begin. My hope for my family is that we all prosper and are healthy in 2017. I plan to enjoy life more and to do many things on my bucket list as it might be called. Spending time teaching my grand is the most important thing that I can do and we spend many hours a week together doing that. For a 19 month old, she is very smart, I think!

My youngest daughter turned 20 years old this past week and so I now do not have any more teens around but I know that the grand will be soon enough. Why do they grow so fast? My other two are 26 and that seems nearly impossible. My step son and my daughter are only 3 months apart and so most of the time they were growing up, it was like having twins. They are very different personalities and my step son is more like me and my daughter is more like my husband. He has been her dad since she was 2, but she has always known her dad too.

How did you spend your New Years Eve? We had friends over and played cards well into the new year. I did not sleep much so I guess this will be a short post and I will attempt to rest a bit today but for now there are dishes to be done so I will see you all tomorrow.

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