June Has Arrived

The month of June has finally arrived. I awoke to a nice morning with the sun rising above the horizon and the birds chirping that another month has arrived. June brings summer vacation to school kids here and brings many family vacations around the world. June brings summer, warmer temps, and is the month for many young women to marry the man of their dreams.

For us, the month of June brings a vacation coming up soon. I am looking forward to the time away, but we take the horses so we still end up doing some work. I don't mind as the horses will be in stalls and so the daily routine will be to clean them early and then again at night. I am sure we will take bedding to make cleanup easier. Vacation also means that my husband and I have to make sure the other animals are being cared for so my father in law will be doing the farm work while we are gone. We also have new neighbors and I am asking them to check on my mom and my in-laws while we are gone. Living in the country makes that such an easier task as we know the cars that usually come and go and we watch for strange ones.

June also brings warmer temps and usually higher humidity to our area so that means bring on the kiddie pool for the granddaughter. I know she loves to play in the tub and we have had her in the pool once and it was great watching her splash and play! It will be fun. I was never a swimmer and I hope that she will be. Her mom is and so is her dad so she may do it.

June also brings more evenings outside till a later hour as I just can't go in while it is daylight. I know our warm months are a hustle and bustle of activity, but I am sure not letting one minute slip out of my hands. Part of that activity yesterday was watching my husband, his friend, my daughter and her boyfriend bring in some nice grass hay and stack in the barn. Now, for all you country folks out there, there is nothing more exciting that new, green, grass hay and it smells wonderful. I believe that I was as excited as the animals. LOL! I would have helped but I was busy cooking a hearty meal that we call hobo dinners.

Hobo Dinners are simply some potatoes, carrots, onions, and peppers cut up and added to a hamburger wrapped in aluminum foil and cooked over an open fire. Easy meal and very delicious and filling! Even cleanup was easy since there were no dishes other than plates, a pair of tongs, and a baking pan that I laid them on when they were done.

I personally love to cook over the open fire! I believe that the food tastes better and it is another opportunity for me to be outside. Get outside today and enjoy the month of June!


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