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As I sit here waiting on my husband to get home, I was playing catch up on reading the blogs that I follow here. It has been a tough couple of weeks for me to find time to read anything. My daughter has worked quite a bit which means that I have had my granddaughter more and so very little gets done other than playing with her and keeping her out of things. I usually spend the evenings with my husband since I rarely see him during the day. However, he got called out to go rescue someone broke down tonight and so here I am.

Life here on the farm has been crazy as we have all been sick quite a bit this winter and I think that I have been the worst. I had the flu, never really got over it and then came down with a severe sinus infection. I am finally getting over it and now that the weather is beginning to warm a little, I am hoping that I feel better and can get out and enjoy some fresh air.

I did work in the yard some today and then was treated to a meal at the Mexican restaurant in town with my husband, daughter and granddaughter. I was glad to not have to cook and spend a little time with the family all in one place. Once we arrived home, I watched Criminal Minds, one of my favorite shows, and the others went about their own business.

Well, I suppose I should close for the evening and get busy reading or doing something a little more constructive. Have a good evening! Thanks for stopping by and please leave a comment and I will respond back as I appreciate each of you that read my thoughts.
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