Friday, April 15, 2016

Fridays Findings

Hard to believe that a week has gone by so quickly. My day has been quite busy as I have been attempting to clean up the farm outside. I usually clean the inside and I don't mind cleaning it, but it seems that it is a never ending job. The weather has been not so fun so far this spring and with the weather nice, I have to be outside. I began the day there and hopefully, will end it sitting around a small fire tonight.

We had a pile of brush that had been growing over a period of years on a spot that we never use for anything. I have mentioned that it needed to be burned many times the past few years, but we never found time to burn it. Today the weather was perfect for it and so I started my morning by setting it on fire. I lit it and knew that I needed to keep a good eye on it, so I have stayed outside with it most of the day. Once it started to wind down, I decided that the day was perfect for me to be outside to read and that is what I done. Since my daughter was off, I did not have to keep the baby and that allowed me some time to do some fun things for me. Since I deeply enjoy reading, it was the perfect way to relax after cleaning the yard some.

I will check the fire multiple times this evening and I will cook some pork steaks for dinner for my hubby and I. I will also hopefully, find time to light a small fire in my firepit and enjoy a nice relaxing evening talking with hubby around the fire. My daughter, her boyfriend, and her friend should be here for a bit tonight. The friend and my daughter will be here all evening but he won't. Curfew is 10 p.m. for him at our house, even though my daughter is 19 years old.

We decided to move the Alpine Goats that I got a couple of weeks ago into a pen that we had a donkey in and we placed the donkey in with the horses. While moving the donkey, she decided that she wanted to run and it took us a few minutes to get her into the pen. The goats were a handful as well, but my daughter's boyfriend is quite the farm boy and he handled them like a pro. Glad he was here! Farm life sure can be challenging! We love it though!

Have a great evening! I will try to post some photos this week as well.

This is my dear Jenny! I love her so much!!

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