Thursday, March 3, 2016

New Beginnings

Today our weather is cloudy and cool, but with the weekend comes temperatures in the upper 60's and lower 70's by Tuesday. You can't imagine how extremely happy that makes me as I know that it means that spring is not far off and with spring comes new beginnings.

Yesterday as I was moving things in the house to make room for a new bench that I have, I carried some items to the garage and as I was walking by my flower beds in the side yard, I was quite surprised to see green sprouts popping up in the yard, where new flowers are now sprouting up. Once again a sign of new beginnings. Life seems to go by so quickly that I feel we usually do not notice the new beginnings all around us.

What is more precious than a newborn baby, a newborn foal, a newborn calf, or a simple new flower entering the world through the ground? Nothing! The signs of spring are right up with on a list of my few favorite things. The buds on the tree, the leaves sprouting out, farmers preparing fields for planting, etc. Each of these are wonderful sights of the Earth giving us a new beginning.

May each of you experience warmer weather and new beginnings when your week begins. May anyone that is suffering, feel a new beginning that takes the suffering away. I pray that your family welcomes new beginnings as we do!

I changed the looks of this blog today to represent the brilliant greens that we will soon see as the new beginning of spring comes along.
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