Terrorism in Paris, France

Paris, France is known for being a city that is beloved by many and know to bring romance and love to many. This weekend, Paris became the latest terrorist target and the people suffered a huge loss as terrorists attacked multiple sites throughout the city. With over 100 killed and many others injured, life changed for the people of Paris.

Being home to another terrorist attack several years ago, the people of the United States can understand the loss and yet, the fight that is within the people. It makes a nation stronger in my beliefs to know that people stand together and unite to keep life going and to keep a stronger hold on what is important to them. Family and loved ones are what is most important to all of us and when that is threatened, even if not directly, it makes a human being stand a stronger stance and fight for what is more important to them.

Yes, multiple lives were lost for a senseless cause, but the strength of unity that Paris will now see from their own and others around the world will be a surprise to many. Other countries will decide to stand for the people of Paris. Many of the loved ones of those lost will take a new stand to make their families stronger and many will turn to their religion to find the faith that they may have lost.

I decided to see exactly what terrorism meant in the Oxford dictionary and here is what it said:
the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.   I don't know that many of us truly understand what the political aim of ISIS is but I believe that we all understand the violence and intimidation that comes from them. That is why many countries are joining in the fight against them. Whether their political views are right or wrong is not what is important to most, it is the way they choose to use the violence to stand for them.
Our world needs peace and kindness. I am seeing multiple ads these days about being kind and I would like to start my own campaign to stand for kindness. I want to suggest that we all begin a new social media campaign to showcase kindness. Let's use YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to show the kind things that we are doing! Let's start a new hashtag   #let'sbekind
Have a great day! Be kind and share it!


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