Friday, September 18, 2015

My Pink Zebra Biz

Hello! I am writing to share with each of you that I have begun a new business. I am currently a consultant with Pink Zebra and I absolutely would love to share details with you. Pink Zebra is a unique and powerful product line that is meant to "change your life by changing your fragrance". They are a home fragrance company. I know to many that signifies that we are a candle company, but we are way more than that.

Sprinkles are our main business. Sprinkles are 100% food grade soy dots that can be melted in warmers, sprinkled on your carpet, put into an older candle that has lost it's scent or simply placed in a decorative container in your home. There are 61 scents available so I am sure that you can find one that you like.
The fascinating aspect of these Sprinkles are that they can be mixed to combine many new scents and you can play around and see what you can create. Many recipes can be found online by searching Pink Zebra Sprinkles Recipes.

We also carry a large line of shades that go over our simmering lights that can add a theme or holiday look to your home. This Haunted House Lantern Shade is one example.
Another wonderful product that the company offers are known as Soaks. Soaks are a liquid scent that you can add to our Go-Cards to make your own air fresheners. I have also suggested that this liquid be dropped directly onto the carpet in your car to add that fresh car smell to your car. There are multiple scents available for them as well.

I am very excited to be starting this new business and I look forward to many years with this company! For more information, feel free to look here

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