Monday, May 11, 2015

Weather Woes

Yesterday was Mother's Day and the weather here was really nice. Other states could not say the same thing as weather woes were incredible in many states. Texas, Arkansas and other areas seen massive tornados. The Carolinas seen many effects of tropical storm Ana and the mountain areas of Colorado and Montana seen feet of snow.

Today brings a threat of tornados to Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana while flash floods are being a threat in Texas and Arkansas. Myrtle Beach and the coast of North Carolina are still going to see the remnants of the tropical storm. Areas in North Carolina and Virginia along the coast could still see some flash flooding today.

I am thankful for the nice day we had and I pray that our weather stays quiet today, but I am sure we are going to see some storms. I have to see several of my elderly clients today and I pray that we stay safe. It would be impossible to get any of them to a basement. One will be going to the doctor today and I pray that it is not storming when I have to drive her there.

Whatever your weather is today, I pray that you are safe. Use common sense when you are in a weather situation. Do not drive through flood waters, do not try to stay above ground if you don't have too in a tornado. Pictures of these storms can be brought to us in the way of storm chasers, do not risk your life to get one. If you are in the areas that are getting snow, drive careful and know the areas that are not safe to drive in.

Stay safe out there!

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