Friday, May 15, 2015

Meet Jigsaw

Say Hello to Jigsaw!!!

Jigsaw is one of my daughters' new horses that she will use for fair. He has been a member of our family for a few months now and he is certainly a dandy. He is a 9 year old gelding Paint horse that has done well for her so far. She has shown him once this year and we are looking forward to more shows soon.

She fell in love with him when she first seen him. I believe that his fancy mane is one of the great things about him. He is certainly flashy when he is cleaned and ready for show. I believe that with a little more work, he is going to be a fabulous show horse.

She will be using him for most of her 4H stuff this year as her Tennessee Walker, Abdul that has been her faithful companion the previous four years is beginning to show his age ( about 23-26 years ) and is beginning to lose sight in his left eye. I hate to see the day that he passes or that she must have him put down due to his health. He has been there, done that and has even ran barrels for her. He has truly been the perfect horse for her and has helped her build her confidence.

This photo is of Abdul.

She will tell her that Abdul is still her favorite, although she really likes Jigsaw. Abdul is totally her baby and does anything that she asks of him. He is a well loved favorite here on the farm.

She has another new horse this year and she calls him Bub but his registered name is going to be Shot Through the Heart. She thought of that name from the song, "Bad Medicine" by Bon Jovi. She is a huge fan of their music and hence the name sticks. Here is the photo of him as well.

He is a good little horse too. He seems to have a nice little trot and walk and I am sure that she is going to be successful with him as well. It will be a learning experience for the horses and my daughter.

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