Monday, April 21, 2014

Scared New Pony

My husband and I have a new pony to add to our farm. She is a beautiful little bay mare that is part Mustang and part Colonel Spanish Horse by what we were told. She is branded so I know that she is part Mustang. She is about 14 hands tall and a smaller build pony, but she has been mistreated in the past and she is very untrusting of new people.

Someone my husband knew had the pony for his 17 year old daughter and they were moving and unable to keep her so they spread the word to their farrier and he told us about her. My husband went to get her and said the girl was very sad that she was having to get rid of her horse, so he brought her home. I had only seen her in the trailer until yesterday. I spent some time with her yesterday evening and she is a very gentle pony, but scared. She would not go into the barn when we first got there and gave her feed. However, after a little time talking to her and allowing her to see that we were not there to hurt her, she finally came to us.

My husband was able to take hold of her halter and I put a lead rope on her. She lead beautifully! She knows several commands and she does anything that you ask. She never once acted up after we got the lead rope on her halter. She is not scared of sounds that I can tell other than she acts differently when a male is talking versus a female. I had the rope along her face and everything and she did fine.

When my husband got her, he was told that the horse had came from a rescue center and that she had been abused in the past. As I was working with her, I noticed a spot along her right side back by her rear hip area and stomach that she seems to favor as you are rubbing over it and so I believe that has been injured before and possibly where she had been beaten. It makes me so mad that she is not trusting due to someone hurting her in the past! However, she will begin to trust us and be a good little horse.

People need to realize that when they mistreat a horse or pony that it will be a part of their personality from then on and it will make them very mistrusting of others.It makes the future owners job a much harder one to gain trust. Horses are intelligent animals, which some people do not believe. It is sad that people feel that they are just a dumb animal and it does not matter what you do to them. Horses can be trained without being mistreated.

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