Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Weather Alert

Well, as if we are not tired of winter as it has been one of the snowiest and one of the coldest on record, we now have another winter weather alert across the Midwestern United States beginning this weekend. Forecasters are predicting snow and ice beginning this weekend and as we are still have temperatures in the single and teen digits during the night, it is bound to be nasty.

We have had over 51 inches of snow here on the farm and have suffered through temperatures below zero for several days in a row, but the animals have all made it through without many problems. Our ducks and goose have even survived without too much trouble, but I am sure that they are ready to fly south. I personally, am ready to fly south too. The horses have been eating to stay warm and they have thoroughly enjoyed the barn this winter. Luckily, my husband and I prepared by purchasing extra hay last year and so we have been able to feed extra round bales and we always feed grain along with the hay.

With the prediction for ice, I assume we will be making preparations to keep the small animals warm again by filling pens with extra straw and finding extra water containers so that they can be changed daily as once again the ones that are in the cages won't be able to be emptied because of the ice and being frozen to the ground. Along with that, we will also be preparing our home by stocking extra firewood inside and getting prepared in case of power outages.

While preparing for the outage, I am sure we will be having a soup and when I make it I will share the recipe here as it will be something new. So check back for a delicious and warm recipe.

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