Wednesday, November 9, 2022


 Recovery from foot surgery is going better than expected, I guess. My last appointment was a week ago tomorrow. That put us at the 5 week mark and the podiatrist suggested that I begin weight bearing, which usually does NOT happen until 8 weeks. He wants me to start walking a bit on it and then next week run a few errands and the next appointment I will go into my tennis shoe.  NEVER has been this fast!!!

I will say that as excited as I was to begin weight bearing, I am realizing that just because I am making these strides, does not mean that I am going to be walking easily soon. I am finding that I am having more swelling and more pain now that I am weight bearing. I have graduated to a surgical shoe instead of the walking boot and I am using the knee scooter more. I truly don't care for the knee scooter.

My granddaughter had her first filling yesterday for a tooth that she had a cavity in and she was a great patient. The ladies at the dentist office were really impressed with how well she done. She was given some nitrous gas to help keep her calm, but she was such a trooper. She told the assistant that she was brave because her mammaw was with her. She is my girl!!

I have enjoyed reading all the posts about the moon and seeing all of the photos you all have taken. I am hoping to get out on the porch later today to take advantage of probably the last couple of warm days as it looks as it is going to be cold the next week or so and I am sure we will be seeing the white stuff soon. 

I just realized that I have no new photos to post here. I guess I will use one of my older profile photos that I particularly like of myself. 

I hope you all have a blessed day!


  1. I hope your recovery continues to go well.

  2. I hope you are feeling Better Carol. Not a good time of year to be laid up.


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