Saturday, October 22, 2022

Fire Country - The New Series To Watch

 Many of my readers know that I like shows like Swat, Law and Order SUV, Criminal Minds, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Chicago Med, House and New Amsterdam. Some of those have been taken off the networks and I hate to see a show that I enjoy leave because we do not have a lot of good quality television these days. I have to ask though, "Have you seen Fire Country?"

Fire Country premiered three weeks ago on CBS and I must say that it is certainly one of the new series to watch. It is exciting, has a fabulous story line and the characters are intriguing and the actors and actresses are some of the best I have seen lately. It follows the story of Bode Donavon and his family whom are career firefighters. Episode 1 introduces us to Bode as an inmate that is joining a firefighting program to lessen his sentence in prison, but he suddenly finds himself in the only town he truly does not want to be in.

Bode suddenly finds himself working on a fire with an old friend that he is not really friendly with at this stage in his life and he is haunted by memories that are the exact cause as to why he is an inmate and why he does not want to be in this town. He also finds himself working with his dad, who resents that Bode is alive and in the town. What Bode does not know is that his mom, who happens to be the head fire chief of this town, is the exact reason he remains in the town. 

Episode 3 aired last night and we find Bode and his dad in a hostage situation that Bode is the only one to deescalate the situation. They are trapped in a life or death situation by the time the hostage taker agrees to end the situation. Does the father finally see Bode for the man that he wants to be or does he still feel that Bode is a disgrace to the family? Well, you will need to watch and see as I am not going to give those detail.

Max Thierot is Bode and this is the first show I think I have ever seen him in, but his acting skills are on point. Although upon reading his bio, he has had other roles, but the only one that I would have seen would have been his role as one of the children that Vin Diesel protected in The Pacifier.  He has certainly found the role he was created for in my opinion.  I am anxious to see where the show takes his character and the relationship with both of his parents as well as a few former friends. 

9 p.m. EST each Friday night you will find me watching Fire Country! Check it out, if you haven't seen it and let me know if you are a fan as well. If you are already a fan, let me know your opinions on it. 


  1. I've seen the ads for this, and it looks good!

  2. You like a lot of the same shows I do. I havent seen this ine though. Ill have to look for it


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