Sunday, March 2, 2014

Chicks are here!

Chicks are here! That is the sign that we seen at Tractor Supply  yesterday when we went to stock up on food again. Each spring we anxiously await the arrival of the chickens, ducks, and other small fowl that farm stores like Tractor Supply and Rural King offer! This year I am looking for ducks, guineas and possibly turkeys.

Each spring brings plenty of opportunities to move new animals onto the farm. I enjoy the babies each year and look forward to seeing them grow. We usually have chicks hatch each year and so the chicks are usually in bounty here, but we don't have the opportunity to have turkeys hatch and this is the first year that we might actually have our own guineas. Our only turkey died this past year and so the turkey is for sure on a list of must haves this year.

Each spring, I go through a period of wanting plenty of small animals and some larger ones too. I personally am still wanting a zebra to add to the farm. I also am wanting to add a lamb this year. I would be interested in adding a calf too, but I could not make a pet of it as it would be for food eventually. The lamb would be a pet, but I might be interested in sheering it to sell some wool from it.

Although, we are having snow, freezing rain and in the middle of a winter storm, I am anxiously awaiting temperatures that will allow me to purchase a few of the chicks and ducks that I seen last night to add to my crazy life! I recommend that anyone who lives near a farm store, go see the babies as they will add a bright spot to your day.

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