Powerball Winners

As in many other states in the United States, Indiana does participate in the Powerball lottery game. I usually don't buy tickets as I see it as a waste of money, but at times when the jackpot is extremely large, I will buy. Luckily, last nights' game, I did not buy a ticket for and I am thankful that I didn't . As I watch television this morning, I learn that the 448 million dollars was won by three different tickets in New Jersey and Minnesota. The winning numbers are 5,25,30,58,59 and Powerball number of 32.If you bought a ticket in either of those states, go check your numbers now.

The chances of winning were one in over 700 million and I knew that my chances were very slim and I knew that I might as well spend the money on ice cream than on a ticket. Yes, it would be nice to win that type of money, but I am thankful for what I have and although we all dream what we could do with that type of money, I am also aware of the troubles that can come with this type of money.

Many winners have ended up broke and in debt. Many have spoke of eventually wishing they had not have won the money. I am very aware of the family that you would suddenly have coming out of the woodwork , so to speak. I am also very aware that many do not think ahead when they get the money and do not plan to put it to use.

If I would win, I know I would want some put into trust funds for my kids and I also know I would buy a horse ranch that would make myself some money as well. I also know that I would continue to work a small part time job as I know I don't want to lose touch with my roots and who I truly am. Of course, I could work when I want and I could spend many more hours on horseback and that would be fine with me.

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