Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lyme Disease Awareness Month

I know it has been a while since I posted here and for that I am truly sorry. Been trying to get a new job with a home health agency and with activities for school and 4-H it has just been a very busy week! I am hoping that things get better soon.
 I am asking that you all consider wearing a lime green ribbon during the month of March in support of Lyme Disease Awareness Month. My oldest daughter suffers from Lyme Disease and there is not much talked about it as an illness, but she has suffered for over 4 years since we finally got a diagnosis. Many doctors do not feel this disease is real or that patients are making up their symptoms, but when a 17 year old girl looks like she has has a stroke and complains of pain on the right side of her head that feels like she is on fire, it is real and a parent knows that there is something wrong!
 Thank God for a family physician who tested for odd antibodies in the system and we found what was causing her joint pain, fatigue, etc. while also giving us hope that he would research as much as possible because he was not sure of the medical issues with this disease.
 Lyme Disease Awareness needs to be more prevalent everywhere in the United States!!


  1. I have a sister who has symptoms that are very much like Lyme Disease although she has never been diagnosed, the doctors still say they have no idea what it is. She still thinks it is Lyme disease.

  2. My daughter was 17 when hers was discovered and we believe that she has been infected since she was in third grade. She has struggled with the effects of it for four years now and she is learning to control it and learning to know when it is flared up in order to get the medicine that she needs. It is a horrible disease, but one that can go undetected for many years.


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