Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Business and Vaccine Today

Today is going to be a busy day for me, as most days are. I am thankful for feeling like doing my chores today although my foot does hurt. It is a cloudy, dreary day and that always makes it a little harder for me to get motivated. 

I am working on my Pink Zebra business today as I do most everyday. I am also trying to help my younger daughter ( momma to my grands) with a new business venture. She has decided that she wants to make bath bombs to sell. It is something that her and her oldest daughter can do together and she hopes to make it at least a part time job so that she can earn some money from home while caring for the girls. You can take a look  at the first three that she has made in my Etsy shop here. Of course, there is housework to be done as well. Does housework ever get finished? It seems that as soon as I am completed with one area, I notice something I have missed or that there is a load of laundry that suddenly has doubled from the size the day before. 

I also have my Co Vid vaccine today. Many have asked how I am able to get mine now, but I work in healthcare and that requires that I am able to get mine. I am not required to get it, but I feel that I probably should. There are many reasons that I am scared to get it as I feel that we need more testing on these, but I also feel that I need to do something to protect myself and my family.  What are your feelings about it? 

I had my shingles vaccine last week and was very nauseous from it. I was feeling bad for about 24 hours. I am worried that I may feel the same way today, but I also know others that have taken it and haven't been sick. I am also aware that many of us will feel different side effects from it the same as we do many other vaccines and medications. 

I will be posting my calendar again soon as I am certainly doing a better job of keeping up with it. I must work on lesson plans as well today. It is hard to believe that our school year is half over and we are looking at what we will do for first grade as well. I feel that she is doing well, but I also feel that she might need more interaction and since we can't meet for homeschool groups right now, I am torn in what I truly want her to do for next year. 

Thanks for checking in with us today. I appreciate that you all read and comment on this blog so often. 


  1. I'm glad you're getitng the new vaccine! What with the four new mutations that are way more contagious. From what I have heard, people are feeling sick on the second dose. Just a sore arm on the first. Doctors are now recommending double masking.

    1. Yes, I keep up with it. I can't double mask, but I do wear mine faithfully when I am out. I also am cautious as to where I go. I personally felt that the vaccine has been pushed without much testing, but with the work I do it would not hurt to be cautious.
      I will say that my arm is very sore this morning!

  2. I guess I'm one of the few that is not going to get the vaccine at this time. There are many reasons and don't want to stir controversey. I think each has to make the decision for their own circumstances. With your family it's probably the right decision for you.
    Hope all goes well.

    1. Sue, I completely understand. I was so unsure about getting it that I turned down my first opportunity. I am sure that there will be issues down the road and I may regret it, but if there is a chance to prevent me from making my husband sick, I decided it might be worth the risk.

  3. I got my first jab yesterday and apart from a sore arm for 24 hours, no ill effects! Good luck -- I hope it is better than your shingles.

    1. Much better than the shingles. My arm is sore as well, but with time that will improve.


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