Thursday, September 12, 2019

Wonderful Wednesday #6

It is a wonderful day anytime that we wake up and see another sunrise, but today is such a somber day as well. Today marks the 18th anniversary of one of the greatest attacks on our country - September 11, 2001. For those that were old enough to watch the events of that day unfold, may we never forget what was done to those innocent people and our country that day. 

This is just one of the harrowing scenes from that day. The second plane flying directly into the Twin Towers and no one could do anything but watch. The other tower had been hit and was one fire and it was possible to believe that it was an accident, but after this we were fully aware that we were under attack!  

As flights were cancelled and people were aware of what was happening, our lives changed forever. We learned of an enemy that was so ruthless that they took innocent lives of men, women, and children. Those innocent people were in the most vulnerable positions as they were unable to do anything to attempt to save their own lives.  Although, we did learn of Flight 93 that went down in Shanksville, PA where a group of heroes, presumably led by Todd Beamer, did attempt to fight back and possibly kept the White House from being hit as well. 

These images still serve as a constant reminder of how life can change so drastically in just a few seconds. No one that worked in these buildings had any idea as they prepared to go to work that this was the last morning, they would go to work. No one that boarded these flights was aware that it would be such a harrowing and deadly flight.  As an American at home, I was no aware that such hatred could even exist.
This photo showcases just how helpless people felt as they watched the devastation below them and were unable to do anything about it. As we know, people felt so helpless that some jumped from these high places, knowing that they would never survive that fall. I can't imagine feeling that helpless. I also can't imagine the thoughts that went through their minds. Were they aware of the complete devastation that would come? Were they aware that they might never leave this building alive? Did they feel as though the Towers were strong enough to survive this attack and that they would be rescued? 
Many firefighters, policemen, first responders and others arrived at the scene to help. NYCFD responded quickly and these men were aware of the job ahead of them, but not the danger ahead of them. This group of heroes could not have known that 343 of them would lose their lives that day. That alone is pure devastation! A group of men going to work to save others and would ultimately pay the greatest sacrifice!
 This is another scene that I have replayed in my mind many of times, the first tower simply collapsing. This huge building that housed offices and employed so many people was simply falling to the ground with hundreds of people inside of it and no place to escape.  People that were outside the building and had escaped the initial hit of the plane was now at risk once again. Firefighters and policemen were in this building to aid in the rescue of those that had survive the initial attack.
 These pictures show the sheer devastation left in Manhattan that day. The photo at top showing the dust and debris left from the towers and the photo below showing the metal that had survived the attack and was all that was left standing. The immense sadness that comes from seeing these photos is still just as strong as it was the day this all happened. The day the world stopped turning for a bit!
Where were you this day? I was at work and initially thought that I had heard a wrong report. No way would a plane hit those towers. No way would a plane have hit the Pentagon. It simply was not possible! How wrong I was!!
The days following Sept. 11, there were many posters of missing people in the Manhattan area. Many of these people worked or were known to have been in the area at the time of the attacks. Were they lost, were they injured, were they dead? Families simply needed an answer!  
For many Americans, this seemed the only logical position to be in. On our knees praying to God.  Praying for the families, the lives lost, the heroes, the country. The days following September 11, 2001 the enemy had not won- Yes, he destroyed lives, families, planes, and buildings, but he had not destroyed the American spirit. We banded together and became a stronger nation. A nation that served where needed, helped others, prayed, and held memorials. We became one nation and color, race, nothing matter- WE WERE AMERICANS!

* These photos are not my own, but photos that friends and others have shared with me. 


  1. Thank you Carol for the reminder of 9-11. We shall never forget. It is difficult to believe that there are people in this world full of hate. The American spirit cannot be destroyed.

    1. It is difficult to believe that this kind of hatred can exist.

  2. Sad and sobering but we must remember or we will forget.....

  3. I remember it like it was yesterday. we were off form work on a Stacation and spent it glued to the TV. Living only 2 hours from NYC and in Pa, where Flight 93 went down , it was quite a surreal experience. 2 years ago, Joe and our oldest son visited the Flight 93 Memorial site on their way home from a trip to Pittsburgh. It is an amazing site. They plan on visiting it next year as the Tower of Voices that contains 40 wind chimes is completed.
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!

    1. I was completely unaware that the memorial existed in Pennsylvania, but it is on my bucket list.

  4. Hi Carol,

    This is a beautiful and poignant post. What a reminder. I was getting ready for work, watching Today show, so I saw the second tower get hit and couldn't tear myself away. Once I got to work, we were clustered around every TV set in the building. (Before I retired, I worked at a TV station.) People we didn't even know passing by our offices would ask if they could watch. We will never forget.

    1. We did not have a television at work, but I was hearing so much on the radio and I am not sure I could have watched it anyway. Customers were coming in all day asking if we knew.

  5. I will never forget..because we knew some who died on that horrific day..
    I just can't even look at the photos any longer. I get such a knot in my stomach.

    1. Oh I am so sorry! I am sure that the survivors of that day are haunted each year.


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