Thursday, July 18, 2019


H-O-T! That seems to be the forecast for much of the United States at the moment. A massive heat wave has taken over 2/3rds of the United States for the rest of this week and the weekend and there are many excessive heat warnings out currently in our area.

Temperatures ranging in the 90's and above with heat indexes as high as 110- 115 degrees F are expected in many areas. These are dangerous temperatures and people that are outside for any amount of time need to be extra prepared to deal with those kinds of temperatures. These types of temperatures can kill the young and the elderly. Please pay attention to the people around you especially elderly neighbors that might not have anyone with them. It truly is not a bother to ask them if they have air conditioning or fans. If they don't , please see if you can help get them to a shelter where they can be cool.

Stay hydrated! Water, water, water and a lot of it if you will be out in the heat. Other drinks, especially those with caffeine can dehydrate you more in this heat. Water is the best drink! Avoid sugary drinks as well as alcohol as they will do more harm than good to a body that is in extreme heat. 

Fans and air conditioners will be going full force in most of the country. A fan is not the best option as it will just circulate the hot air, but it is better than nothing at all. I highly recommend if you are going to be outside that you have some type of fan near you to aid in keeping your body temperatures down. 

Avoid the direct sunlight. I just walked out to check on the cows and found the sun was really scorching. I came back in and found an umbrella to cover myself with while I walked out there. 
It may not be the most fashionable way to walk to check on the cattle, but it certainly kept the direct sunlight from my face, arms, etc. Cowboy boots and an umbrella might be a new fashion statement in the farm world. 

Stay cool! 


  1. I'm at the lake. No air but at least the lake is at hand. Tis the season.

  2. I know, it has been all over the news about the heat! Stay cool my friend, HUGS!


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