Thursday, June 20, 2019

I'm Still Here

Oh my, I just looked and was amazed that a week has gone by since I wrote my last post, but nothing else has really changed because it is still raining here. Last Saturday, 10 confirmed tornados touched down in Indiana. Thankfully, we did not have any damage near us.

The rains have been relentless. I believe it has rained 12 out of 19 days of this month. UGH! Areas near us have seen flash flooding and we are seeing roads that have washed away with the force of the water.  Brown County State Park in Nashville, IN is closed due to the high water they are experiencing at Ogle Lake. The water for the park is filtered through the area near the lake and the high water is making it impossible to provide safe water for the park due to the large amount of dirt and stuff because of the flooded lake. They have been closed for a few days and will continue to be throughout the weekend. We have heard that the saddle barn there was flooded as well, but that all livestock are okay. We know the gentleman that runs that barn and I pray that nothing was destroyed.

Thankfully, here at the farm we are surviving the weather. Our weeds are growing stronger than ever. LOL The garden may or may not survive, but thankfully we did not depend on it for the year. The animals have all survived the water as well, but I know they are all wishing for a dry spell. Thankfully, none of the severe storms have done any damage either so God is certainly cradling us in His arms.

Until we meet again, may your trail be blessed and your ride be smooth! ( and dry)


  1. Don't start me on the rain. I get terribly anxious when it clouds up after two basement floods in a little over one week. I wish much better for you! I'm worried about your garden; that's a lot of water.

  2. We have had a lot of rain here too. It is saving on the water bill by not having to water the garden and lawn. Hope you get some dry days my friend, HUGS!



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