Monday, April 15, 2019

Mountains, Rains, and Family

I am writing this blog post from a hotel business center in Tennessee. My daughter and I as well as the grand doll made a trip to this area to visit ailing family as well as to see some family that I realize that I don't see often enough. Isn't it sad how much time we will allow to go by before we see family? Isn't it sad that family doesn't mean the same that it did 35 years ago? Has long has it been since you seen aunts, uncles, cousins, etc?

I visited my aunt that is in a nursing home now due to her dementia. I also visited an uncle that is currently in a rehab facility due to a broken hip. Both are doing well except for the problems that they are dealing with and age. Age has such a way of creeping up on someone and stealing so much life from them. As my uncle and I talked yesterday, I began to think that I am only 20 years younger than him and how sad that I may only have that many good years left. I need to do things a little different. I need to travel more and do more with the family that I see and I need to make an effort to see those that I love and do not take time to see.

The mountains are beautiful and I wish I lived here again. I miss them so much! I set yesterday in between rain showers and just studied the natural beauty that abounds here and think that the ones who live here probably never realize just how lucky they are to awake here daily and see them.

The weather was a little scary here yesterday as it got really dark and the sky looked omnious for a few minutes and forecast was for storms to move in, but we dodged those bullets. Thank God!

Well, it is a long drive home so I better get off here and get the rest of the bunch up. Have a great week!

Until we meet again, may your trail be blessed and your ride be smooth


  1. I haven't been by your blog for a few days...
    We just finished getting together with family too. It's been far too long and I hate to admit that I am on the end side of the spectrum.
    So glad you could visit and refresh the memories.

  2. I am glad you visited family as well.


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